What is the significance of flow, layering, and rupture as demonstrated
on the body and in hip hop’s lyrical, musical, and visual
works? Interpreting these concepts theoretically, one can argue that
they create and sustain rhythmic motion, continuity, and circularity
via flow; accumulate, reinforce, and embellish this continuity
through layering; and manage threats to these narratives by building
in ruptures that highlight the continuity as it momentarily challenges
it. These effects at the level of style and aesthetics suggest affirmative
ways in which profound social dislocation and rupture can be managed
and perhaps contested in the cultural arena. Let us imagine
these hip hop principles as a blueprint for social resistance and
affirmation: create sustaining narratives, accumulate them, layer, embellish,
and transform them. However, be also prepared for rupture,
find pleasure in it, in fact, plan on social rupture. When these ruptures
occur, use them in creative ways that will prepare you for a future in
which survival will demand a sudden shift in ground tactics.’

so i guess this is my first tumblr post. i still have no idea what i’m doing/what everything is. i guess i could just take the time to figure things out but i’d rather have someone show me because i’m lazy. any takers?